Shamim Talks About the Power of Storytelling, Gender and LGBTQ+ Equality and Feminism

…as well as her experiences as an LGBTQ+ woman of colour in the film and publishing industries. To discuss Shamim’s availability for events, please email


Award winning writer and director Shamim Sarif talks about the creative power of imagination at TEDxHolyLand in Jerusalem

Why Art Matters

Shamim Sarif at the INK Conference

The Shadow Mission Book Launch with Shamim Sarif

The launch of The Shadow Mission, the latest thriller from Shamim Sarif – along with Harper Collins and Another Story Bookstore

Shamim Sarif & Hanan Kattan “Enlightening the World”

Interview with Paola Diana

In Conversation with Shamim Sarif

Interview | Another Gaze Journal

The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Shamim Sarif at the INK Conference

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